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The Most Noble His Imperial Grace Sir Leslie R Angell
(Chair of Fairmont Royal)
  • Royal & Diplomatic Ambassador ​

  • Duke de Lys: Capadocia & Neapolis

  • Lord Marshall of Europe

  • Knight Commandant of the Heredity Commander of England

  • Ministerial Chief of Staff & Inter-government Diplomatic Inspector General  (DFA) - World Humanity Commission

  • Registered Diplomatic Officer to The United Nations

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs  / Diplomatic Inspector General for the A.N.G.E.L. Inter-Governmental Organization​​

  • PRIVY Councilor of UK


"In my appointment to this auspicious organization, Company and Foundation. I am delighted to say how pleased I am that such a structure has been formed to be of benefit to the people of Pakistan, not only in foreign links outside the country but by trying to show the people that entitles do care and will strive for "NO CORRUPTION, NO CRIMINALITY AND TOTAL TRANSPARENCY" equally commercially, politically and socially. I look forward to progress from the foundations which have been laid down over many years."


In welcoming you to this website I would like to say how delighted I am to be back in Pakistan for my fifth visit. My first was on the invitation to speak at The Peace Conference held in The National Library, Islamabad in early 2013 followed up by my involvement with the overseas diplomatic observers over the Pakistan General Elections to provide a neutral presence. I have Honor as both an Hon Diplomatic Ambassador being associated with the Diplomatic Council at The Hague for almost nine years through to Royal Ambassador to The Sultanate of Sulu/Sabah and North Borneo ruled by His Royal Highness Prince Kiram the 29th Sultan. His Highness wishes to rejoin those lands with the rest of the world theater. There are of course many generations of people from Pakistan living in the United Kingdom.
In Europe people do have fresh drinking water. Other countries no water without sewerage, animal foulings or the need to walk miles to collect a bucket of water with often children used to make the long treck, the same children having no schools to go to so no basic education, no health services for the young, the old or others, even carrying mothers ante natal or postnatal, but where does food come from if none available or a region to grow food in? In my position as Hon Foreign Minister to The World Humanity Commission ( President Prince Zelly), Board Director and Inter-Government Diplomatic Inspector General for the ANGEL FOUNDATION (under the Veneral Archbishop David Gagnon of Florida) and as a UN- Department of Economic and Social Affairs Honorary Officer, through the kind auspices of global patrons funds are to be made available for Humanitarian projects worldwide.
Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am delighted that I have been asked to act as Hon. Vice President and Chair of International Affairs of the huge vision of President Rubina H Ali. It may well be said that in the appointment of her by ANGELL FOUNDATION to be an Hon. Ambassador to Pakistan and my view of her work and her vision, I repeat HER VISION has gained her global acknowledgment, the recipient of a Global Leaders Award which she will receive later this year in London. I am also delighted that Ambassador Rubina Ali has been confirmed as my Hon. Deputy Foreign Minister (Asia) and Hon Ambassador to Pakistan of The World Humanity Commission. (WHC)(DFA)
I hope you enjoy the brochure and the presentations / website.
The Most Noble His Imperial Grace Commander General (R) Sir Leslie R Angell The Duke of Lys.

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