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Donate for capacity building training  in Africa /Asia
Level 3 which includes a foundation course for 
$25 a month for 3-4 months 

Level 4 capacity building training in various sectors to develop entrepreneurial skills for economic growth of the country 
$25 a month  (Payment Plan of 7 years - Total Tuition Fees $2500)


This program is brought to you by FRIES (Fairmont Royal Innovative Education System), IOP (Institute of Productivity)
We welcome embassies, organizations, and businesses to help as a corporate social responsibility to turn dreams into reality for the youth of Africa and Asia by giving them scholarships for Capacity Building Training this training creates a bridge between the youth and their economic security as we select the youth with dreams and visions but are unable to complete their degrees or find an opportunity to serve their nation.

We have helped almost 100+ trainees with our capacity-building training since 2018 in Africa and Asia please see our work below on how we helped make an impact on their lives.
We would also like to receive help for clothes/uniform/shoes/books/computer lab for the students of Govt Schools around Africa and Asia

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