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Fairmont Royal Group of Companies is a multinational development company and it was established in 2018 to promote UN SDG's.
We keep 5 percent of net profits for our Single-Member Company and use 95 percent for ROI & to develop the countries through our sister organizations Global Learning Trust and Universal Peace and Prosperity Alliance. Fairmont Royal Group of Companies is registered in the USA,  Asia, and Africa and has been working in collaboration with a number of world-renowned companies and experts for its products and services in London, the USA, Africa, and the European Union. Our management consultancy services include Agriculture, IT, Natural Resources, Fisheries, Education, Health, International Trade, Energy, Tourism, Human Resources, Real Estate Development & Climate Change. We continuously strive to expand our customer base and develop our capabilities and in the process of opening locations in 27 Countries.

At FRGOC, we specialize in serving a diverse range of clients, including both B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer). The FRGOC has built a stellar reputation for delivering unparalleled and extraordinary customer experiences.


For Corporate Social Responsibility & Public Private Partnership





At FRGOC, we recognize transparency and good governance as fundamental pillars for the success of our client projects.

At FRGOC, we embrace a constant drive towards innovation to enhance our products and services. Firmly believing that sustainable innovation is the path to the future.

We believe in embracing diversity and engaging with our community to drive collective growth and empowerment.




We invite companies from all sectors to collaborate with our diverse range of products and services, united to create a sustainable planet.

We encourage for active participation in corporate social responsibility, recognizing the collective impact we can achieve together.

Driving success through flexibility, embracing change and active involvement.


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Family Trust, Established in 2005, dedicated to the cause to bring global peace and prosperity to underprivileged communities and helping crisis territories by adopting UN Sustainable Goals to help save the world and the global citizens. With operations in Islamabad, Pakistan


A non-profit organization based out of the USA, established in 2022 with its platform on building peace alliances cultures, institutions, interfaith centers, veterans, and more and launching peace centers in different countries while educating to live with tolerance, acceptance, harmony, and peace.

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Founder CEO

HRH Hon. BGen Amb. Rubina H Ali

I would like to bring social and investment sector funding and financing for both sectors to participate in the UN SDGs for Sustainable Planet. It’s my utmost desire to develop communities and bring global peace and prosperity with the right group of stakeholders.

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Managing Director

Shahsultan (Sofia) H Ali

Hope is the driving force behind our endeavors at Fairmont Royal Group of Companies. With a deep sense of gratitude, we appreciate the unwavering support of our project partners, clients, supporters, and talented trainees. Together, let's continue to inspire, create, and make a positive impact on the world.

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